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Do you know more about incontinent pads?

Do you know more about incontinent pads?

Incontinent pads(underpads) are not diapers, it is a PE film, non-woven, fluff pulp, polymer and other materials made of disposable hygiene products, mainly used for hospital, surgical, gynecological, maternity care, child care, incontinence, paralysis patients women period time. Incontinent pads(underpads) according to different uses, called names are also different. Incontinent pads(underpads) are known to be used for infants and young children across the pad. Incontinent pads(underpads) for maternity care are referred to as mattresses, maternity pads. Incontinent pads(underpads) are known to be used by the women's menstrual period a small mattress.

According to different users, incontinent pads(underpads) can be divided into infant incontinent pads(underpads), maternity incontinent pads(underpads), adult incontinent pads(underpads). Baby care pad is mainly used for newborn, play a role in isolation urine, in order to ensure the following mattress or mattress are not soaked in urine, so baby incontinent pads(underpads) are also called checkered pad. When infants incontinent pads(underpads) are wet it is best replaced immediately to ensure baby's bottom dry. Maternal incontinent pads(underpads) leading women's postpartum supplies, also known as the mattress. Just after the birth of a child, first half of the month will have a lot of daily outflow of Lochia, sanitary napkins in General can not meet, specially this time of maternal incontinent pads(underpads). Maternal incontinent pads(underpads) with time, is the first time throughout the postpartum bleeding and postpartum Lochia discharge time. Adult Nursing pad is mainly used for postoperative people and paralyzed, and unable to take care of people. Adult incontinent pads(underpads) easy to replace, can promise not to stain the mattresses below.

Product features: surface using a soft non-woven fabric, permeability, skin comfortable, draft-embossed, guide the urine to diffuse and dry polymer absorbent polymer (SAP), ensuring fast and effective absorption.

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