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What's the good medical tape ?

What's the good medical tape ?

The functionality of the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, put simply, is sticky is good or not. For medical pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, and this manifests itself in the following points: first, the adequacy of the viscosity of the material when the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape when you need to paste the material and the skin (such as for the drapes), pressure-sensitive adhesive tape should be firmly pasted on the surface; Second, the viscosity is appropriate for the skin, as most medical tape you want to paste the skin, should have the appropriate, rather than the stronger the better viscosity.

3M clinical research sector through the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape on the skin peeling strength testing to assess the strength of the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape sticky on the skin and its applicability; Third, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape is able to adapt appropriate sterilization methods, different effects for different sterilization methods for product performance, and choose suitable for sterilization of the product materials are an important part of product design. Features of the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape there are three major aspects, it meets the requirements of medical adhesive tape.

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