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Medical Collagen Sponges
Name:Medical Collagen Sponges

Product Description

Medical Collagen Sponge (Dressing) Introduction

This product is a biomedical material which is widely used in clinic and has good repairing and hemostatic effect. This medical collagen sponge is extracted from healthy beef tendon by special technology.

Repair Ability: This product can be used as cell growth dependent and stent, facilitate fiber cells generation, osteoblast differentiation and collagen synthesis.

Hemostatic: This Product can attach to the wound closely, absorb of exudate, mechanical closure of vascular openings. At the same time collagen molecules adsorb, aggregate and activate blood platelets and coagulation factors, start endogenous hemostasis.

Safety: This product will gradually degradation during the process, and can be completely absorbed by human tissue.

Medical Collagen Sponge (Dressing) Specification:


Tensile Strength≥60g/cm²

Water absorption capability is not less than 15 times its own weight

Collagen content≥90%This product reached 98.5%

Range of application:

Medical collagen sponge (dressing) with hemostatic, filling, repair and other effects, apply to trauma, burns and surgical wound hemostasis, repair and residual cavity filling.


Wound clearance and disinfection are needed before use, this collagen sponge must be used in the pollution-free conditions, and according to the size of the wound to cover or fill. Surface of wound needs to be fixed with other dressings.

Medical Collagen sponge (dressing) inside of the wound or body will be self-degradation and absorption.


1. This product can not be used in the blood vessels to prevent the risk of thrombus.

2. This product can not be used for hemostatic of arterial bleeding.

3. This product can not be used to the cow-derived materials and collagen products in patients with allergies.

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