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Hydrocolloid Dressing
Name:Hydrocolloid Dressing

Product Description

Hydrocolloid dressing

Under the theory of moist wound healing, when the CMC hydrophilic granules from hydrocolloid meets exudates from the wound, a gel could be made on the surface of the wound which could make a durative moist environment for the wound. And the gel is non-adhesive to the wound.


Product advantages:

1. The thin and transparent hydrocolloid dressing makes it easy to observe the wound situation.

2. The unique thin border design keeps the dressing with good absorbency and enhances the viscosity.

3. When hydrocolloid dressing absorbs exudates from wound, a gel on the surface of wound is formed. This makes it easy to peel off the dressing without adherence to wound. Therefore to reduce pain and avoid secondary hurt.

4. Quick and large absorbency ability.

5. Securely adhesive, soft, comfortable, suitable for different parts of body and easy to use.

6. Wound-healing accelerated and cost-saving

7. Humanized-design, available in different sizes and styles. Special designs can be made according to customers’ requirements for different clinical needs.



1. Prevention and treatment of I、II degree bedsore.

2. Treatment of burn wounds, skin-donor sites.

3. Treatment of all kinds of superficial wounds and cosmetic wounds.

4. Care for epithelialisation process of chronic wounds.

5. Prevention and treatment of phlebitis.

User guide and caution:

1. Clean the wounds with saline water, make sure the wound area is clean and dry before using the dressing.

2. Hydrocolloid dressing should be 2cm larger than the wound area to ensure the wound could be covered by the dressing.

3. If the wound is more than 5mm deep, it is better to fill the wound with proper material before using the dressing.

4. It is not for wounds with heavy exudates.

5. When the dressing becomes white and swelling, it is indicated that the dressing should be changed.

6. At the beginning of using the dressing, wound area may be enlarged, this is caused by the debridement function of the dressing, so it is the normal phenomenon.

7. The gel will be formed by the mixture of hydrocolloid molecule and exudates. As it looks like purulence secretion, it would be misunderstood as the wound infection, just clean it with saline water.

8. There may be some smell from the dressing sometimes, this smell could disappear after cleaning the wound with saline water.

9. Dressing should be changed immediately once there is leakage from the wound.


Dressing changing:

1. It is normal phenomenon that the dressing becomes white and swelling after absorbing the exudates from the wound. It is indicates that dressing should be changed.

2. Based on the clinical use, hydrocolloid dressing should be changed every 2-5 days.


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