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Infusion Set
Name:Infusion Set

Product Description

Product Description

Disposable Infusion set have the properties: Easy-holding and easy puncturing spike; transparent and flexible tube against winding and twisting; nice regulator which can make the flow rate change from min to maximum.The product is used to infusing liquid medicine.

Product Feature

1, Infusion tube (PVC)

2, Spike (ABS) with or w/o air vent (with protective cap)

3, Drip Chamber (PVC) with or without fluid filter (fluid filter nominal pore sizeof 15 μm )

4, Flow regulator (ABS or PE)

5, Injection site (Natural latex or latex free, Y type injection)

6, Luer slip or luer lock fitting (with or w/o needle)

7, PE or blister individual package

8, Sterile by EO gas; sterile, non-toxic, pyrogen free

9, Infusion set for single use, gravity feed only.

10, Standard: ISO8536-4:2010

11, scope of application: disposable use of venous tranfusion , hypodermic injection in clinic

12, Warns: single use only.,reuse is forbiden.stop use if the pack is damaged

13, Advantages: Technical workers and machines Highly sharp needle points,light punture force,less pain to patient

Packing Details: Individually wrapped in a polybag or blister

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