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LH Ovulation Test Kit
Name:LH Ovulation Test Kit

Product Description

Product principle:

LH is a kind of hormone, the content of which changes periodically with the female menstrual cycle. Its effect is to stimulate the release of mature eggs within the ovaries. When its peak appears, LH abounds in the blood and urine of female. Hence, the detection of LH in urine is a reliable criterion for the prediction of ovulation.

The LH Ovulation Test Kit adopts the principle of chromatographic double antibody sandwich method to detect the level of LH, and is adequate for family self-test. It is helpful to improve the success ratio of pregnancy, LH Ovulation Test Kit can be used as a reference to contraception and an auxiliary diagnosis for clinical prediction of ovulation cycle.

Indicators of LH Ovulation Test Kit technical characteristics:

1)The product homogeneity is good, and the interpretation is accurate.

2)It is applicable to the bearing and rearing better children, infertility, physical contraception and so on for the related medical units and family self-test.

3)It is stored at room temperature, easy to carry, and valid for 24 months.

4)Sensitivity: 25 mIU/ml

5)Specificity: The color of those whose(HCG,hFSH,hTSH,etc)concentration are below the detection line of 200 mIU/ml are significantly lighter than those at the control line.

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