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Foam Dressing
Name:Foam Dressing

Product Description

Foam dressing


Foam dressing is a kind of new dressing made of foaming medical polyurethane. Special porous structure of the foam dressing helps to absorb the heavy exudates, secretion and cell debris quickly.


Product advantages:


1. Exudates would diffuse to the inner layer after absorption, so there will be slight debridement function and no maceration to the wound.


2. The porous structure makes the dressing with large and fast absorbency.


3. When foam dressing absorbs exudates from wound, the moist environment is created. This accelerates the generation of new blood vessel and granulation tissue, and it is good for migration of epithelium, acceleration of wound healing and saving the cost.


4. Soft and comfortable, easy to use, suitable for different parts of body. 


5. Good cushioning effect and heat-insulating property makes the patient feel quite easy.


6. Available in different sizes and styles. Special designs can be made according to customers’ requirements for different clinical needs.




1. It is adaptable for different phases of wound, especially to wounds with heavy exudates, such as venous leg ulcer, diabetic foot wound, bedsore etc.

2. Prevention and treatment of bedsore.

3. Silver ion foam dressing is especially adaptable for infected wounds with heavy exudates.


User guide and caution:

1. Clean the wounds with saline water, make sure the wound area is clean and dry before using.

2. Foam dressing should be 2cm larger than the wound area.

3. When the swelling part is 2cm close to the dressing edge, dressing should be changed.

4. It can be used together with other dressings.


Dressing changing:

Foam dressing can be changed every 4 days based on the exudates situation.


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