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Hydrocolloid Blister Plasters
Name:Hydrocolloid Blister Plasters

Product Description

Products features:

1. Hydrocolloid plaster (Blister plaster) is made of adhesive hydrocolloid and PU backing film, the hydrocolloid layer absorbs excudate from wound, supplies a moist wound healing environment, while the outer layer of PU film is waterproof and it can protect the wound from infection. It is soft, breathable and friendly to the wound.

2. Available in various sizes to meet different requirements of the foot and other parts of the body.

3. Various size and shapes could be chosen. Special specifications product can be designed according to customer’s requirements.



1. For all kinds of skin blisters. 

2. For all kinds of small wounds caused by injury.

3. For preventing follicle sites of the foot from friction hurt. 


User guide and Caution

1. The first time to use the product, please make sure the plaster could cover all the wound area, smooth the edge of plaster to make a closed environment for the wound.

2. Hours later, the blister will become white, this is the gel generated by hydrocolloid absorbing exudates from wound. Wound will be kept in moist environment and will heal much faster. 

3. After 3-7 days, hydrocolloid plaster has absorbed enough exudates from the wound. Then it should be removed from the skin. Please do this carefully though it won’t stick to the wound. 

Hydrocolloid Plasters Size:

5X5cm,7.5X7.5cm,10X10cm,15X15cm,20X20cm,8X12cm,15X18cm,55X37mm,20X60mm, 50X50mm, 30X60mm, 25X65mm, etc

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