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Mercury Free Thermometer
Name:Mercury Free Thermometer

Product Description

Mercury Free Thermometer, it contains the mixture of Gallium/Indium instead of mercury. It's safe, nontoxic and environment-friendly.


1. The Mercury Free Thermometer are used for measuring temperature of human body.

2. Mercury Free Thermometer contains the mixture of Gallium/Indium instead of mercury. More safe

3. Measuring range: 35-42 celsius degree (96-106 Fahrenheit degree ) min

interval is: 0.10

4. Size of thermometers: Flat type, large size, length: 125± 5mm; H/W:

12.1X8.8mm Fat type, medium size, length 118± 5mm,

5. Accurate: 37 and 41: +0.10 and -0.15

6. Standard: EN12470: 2000

7. Operating temperature: 20 to 35 celsius degree

8. Storage temperature: 0 to 42 celsius degree

Packing: 12PCS/box 720PCS/CTN

OEM: More details can be according to customers' requirements;

Customized Logo/brand printed; Customized packaging available.

Delivery: Usually within 30days after receipt of deposit

Terms of payment: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Moneygram

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